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Our Boot Camp Family - In Theirs and Your Trainers Own Words

Transformations & Testimonials November 2006 to Present 2019

*Results may vary from person to person

*Results may vary from person to person

Happy Bootycampversary gorgeous Azucena Beltrán!!! (I love that expression

Letty Perez Kaufmann!)

Azucena Beltrán's latest testimonial after 3 years of Boot Camp...

"Wow.. Can't believe it's been 3 years since I joined my beloved bootcamp. 

So much has happened since then and I still love it! The workouts continue to be challenging and although there have been many times I felt like I was dying lol when we're done I never regret showing up! After all, the only bad workout is the one you didn't do. 

Coincidentally today I reached a new fitness milestone. I was able to do arm workouts with a 20lb dumbbell! That may not seem like much but for someone who began her fitness journey with 5 lb dumbbells and for the longest time considered 10 lb dumbbells to be a heavy set, this is quite an accomplishment. 

It's taken me some time, but I've come to realize that not all fitness goals involve body image. And, I have my wonderful trainer Jennifer Shumway to thank for that! You're an awesome trainer and I honestly can't imagine my life without you or bootcamp. You're always encouraging us to do more reps, try heavier weights, never stop moving, and continuously challenge ourselves. Your training is one of a kind and that's why many of us will continue to be loyal to your fitness program. You've become a great friend and I'm just thankful the Lord crossed our paths. 

Happy Anniversary!"


Thank you for your sweet words, both today and in the previous post Azucena. It is these posts that give me the wind in my sails.

I am so incredibly blessed to do what I do and be surrounded by such remarkably self motivated and strong people. I love love love you and everyone God has blessed me with to train! Your smile and hard work and genuine kindness are a treasure to witness. Thank you for making me feel so valued. 






After 5 months of Boot Camp

 Adriana Diaz Proves Dropping from a Size 12 to a Size ZERO is Possible leaving Boot Camp for two years and accomplishing this again for the second time! 

June 2017

Since joining Boot Camp at the end of April 2009 - Adriana has accomplished the following: 

  • Consistently attending Boot Camp 5 days a week
  • Masterfully eating 1200 calories per day
  • Moved from wearing a size 12 to wearing for the 1st time in her life a size ZERO and maintained this for 4 years!
  • Dropped from over 30% Body Fat to 17% Body Fat. A 13% drop in body fat!
  • Lost a whopping 27 pounds of fat in 5 MONTHS!!! And still maintaining this almost 4+ YEARS LATER!
  • Shedding almost 55 inches!!! AMAZING! Adriana has lost over 4 feet of fat!
  • And Adriana is one of the proud owners of holding the plank on her forearms the longest in the history of our Boot Camps! Coming in at a total of 50 MINUTES without dropping! In her Fit Test Assessment when she began in April 2009 she was only able to hold the plank for 2 minutes!  What an AMAZING improvement!

Here is why Adriana feels she has achieved such great success with our Boot Camp:

"Jennifer, I never, ever, ever, never, in my wildest dreams, thought that I would look like I do right now.  I thought it would be impossible to get the body I wanted after three kids! You told us it requires CONSISTENTLY coming to Boot Camp every day, staying within our daily caloric needs and a lot of patience.  When people in the past mentioned calorie counting I thought it was nonsense and why would anyone do something so stupid...BUT I decided to take your advice. I attend Boot Camp daily and I learned how to consistently weigh every bite of food I eat, look up the calories, and write it down every day. I always stay within my target to get to my goal. I have been patient and I am so amazed at what I have accomplished! I cannot believe this, but below my belly button it is no longer flabby – it’s hard and flat!!!! I now have that "V" shape there that I never thought I could have! I stand in the mirror sometimes staring in disbelief. And I have you and Boot Camp to Thank for it, Jennifer! Thank you so much!”

*Results may vary from person to person

Ana Lindfors

"In the photo above is Boot Camper Ana's Lindfor's Transformation after participating in 3 of our Transformation Contests. One of which she was the winner of the Biggest Transformation and won $540 BUCKS!!!
Ana joined our Boot Camp in January 2011. She had been doing another Boot Camp before she joined ours and was ready for change because she had been stuck at a plateau of 198 lbs. 
After joining our Boot Camp she quickly dropped 25 pounds and maintained keeping it off for the 1st two years of Boot Camp by always working hard and having consistent attendance of 5 workouts each week. Actually, she never missed one workout other than family vacations for the first 3 years of her training! FABULOUS!  
When I presented the 7 Week Body Transformation to the group Christmas 2012 Ana jumped on board. Her transformation was astounding (left two photos), however it was her 2nd transformation which showed the biggest changes (middle 2 photos) and helped her win the contest and some serious cash! The photo on the right is Ana at the start of her last Transformation.  
To date, almost 6 years later, Ana is working to maintain the hard work she has achieved. Before class starts at 5:30am Ana arrives to run one mile before class starts and then another mile as soon as class is over. If her heartrate monitor does not read 900 calories burned at the end of the 2 miles ran and the one hour of Boot Camp Ana will continue to do suicides on the basketball court, step-ups on the benches and HIIT with body weight exercises such as mountain climbers until she hits her goal. She is relentless and incredibly inspiring!
I am sooo impressed by Ana's great attitude and ability to continually persevere and become her best self! She always covers classes for me when I am on vacation and supports all of the new Boot Campers to feel welcome and at home.
Training you each day is one of life's greatest treasures Ana! Thank you for your friendship and support of me in so many ways! YOU ROCK! AND I LOVE YOU!" Jennifer Shumway, Owner & Trainer of My Perfect Body now Fitness Boot Camps
*Results may vary from person to person

Bryan & Tracey Sweeney

*Results may vary from person to person

Tracey Below

Left Image When Tracey Started Boot Camp in Oct 2013

Right Two Images One Year of Boot Camp in Oct 2014

"When I turned 40 in 2007, I noticed my metabolism slowing down.  The number on the scale started creeping up 3-4 lbs per year.  I'm almost 47 now, so you can do the math to realize the weight I was unintentionally gaining since then.  I wasn't eating any more food than I did in my 20s and 30s but my slowing metabolism was causing my body to store more fat.  Since I wasn't exercising, the pounds really started adding up and I was getting flabby.  I hadn't worked out in any kind of regular program or routine since I graduated from high school in 1984.  Yes, it's been 30 years since I graduated high school! 
Bryan and I have been together since 1990 and over the years we've talked a lot about working out, but never really did it.  We bought several pieces of workout equipment and mechanism, but we never used them.  We even joined a gym years ago, but never went to it.  
In September 2013, Bryan and I took a wonderful 2 week cruise vacation.  When we got home, I looked at the pictures and was embarrassed by my appearance and worried about Bryan's health.  I decided it was time to take control and get fit.  I knew we needed a scheduled and highly regimented program in order to stick to it.  
I searched the internet and found various gym memberships and fitness programs available.  We needed something that would be co-ed friendly and hard-core enough to produce results but easy enough to get started.  I didn't want to make a big initial investment since I wanted to find something that really worked before spending money for it.  We had already invested too much over the years in wasted equipment and unused gym memberships.  
Finally and thanks to Google, my search led me to the website for My Perfect Body Now Fitness Boot Camp.  I noticed that this program offered a free 4 week program and a variety of class times with a regular 5 days per week schedule.  I saw the Boot Camp was indeed co-ed and included participants of a variety of ages and fitness levels.  I read the testimonials on the website and saw the pictures showing the awesome results of the participants.  
After reading about Jennifer Shumway's background and training expertise, I was convinced this program was a perfect fit for Bryan and me.  I told Bryan all about it and signed us up to start on October 14, 2013.  
I set a goal to lose 25 pounds and 10% body fat.  Bryan set his own goal.  We adjusted our eating habits and prepared to start Boot Camp. 
Bryan and I showed up the first day, nervous but excited.  I was so impressed with the fitness level of the Trainer Jennifer and the participants at the 5:30pm class, I began imagining and hoping for the day I'd be able to catch up to and maybe even keep up with people like Letty, Ashley, Tammy, Bob and others. 
At the end of our first month, Bryan and I laughed all the way home.  We were so sore but happy and proud to have made it through the first 4 weeks of Boot Camp.  We were super excited to start the 2nd month and have stayed excited for each month after.  
It's been a little over 5 months now and we're still going strong.  It's been painful at times, but we've continued to make progress.  I've lost 20 lbs, about 32 inches and almost 8% body fat.  I'm so close to my goal, I can see it happening soon.  
I still remember how difficult it was to get started but now I feel so strong and I am really surprised at my muscle development.  I can finish the entire workout now and most times I can keep pace with the veteran participants.  Woohoo!  
I really had no muscle definition before I started this Boot Camp, just a bunch of flab.  Now thanks to the intense workouts at Boot Camp my biceps, triceps, deltoids, abdominals, calves, etc. are really starting to pop and I'm not finished yet.  
Our friends continue to be surprised weekly by our fitness progress and we always tell them it’s because of this Boot Camp.  Yes, we’ve altered our eating habits, but we know firsthand no eating plan in the world is going to make you fit without a great, consistent, fat burning workout program.  
There’s no doubt in our minds that My Perfect Body Now Fitness Boot Camp has been the answer to our fitness needs and we have the results to prove it.  We’re so grateful to our Trainer, Jennifer Shumway and the participants for all the guidance and support throughout these last 5 months.  We look forward to many more workouts with you all.  We’ll see you at Boot Camp!" 
*Results may vary from person to person

Bryan Left at Start of Boot Camp Oct 2013

Bryan Both Photos on Right One Year Later Oct 2014

Bryan's Testimonial

"In early October, 2013, my wife Tracey informed me that she would be starting a Boot Camp on Monday and I was welcome to join her.  Having served as a US Marine (1983 – 1987), I know what it’s like to be in great shape.  Until getting married in 1991, I was in excellent shape and spent 2 hours a day body building in the gym.  
So I asked all of the relevant questions; would a co-ed program be challenging enough for me?  Could I commit to working out at the same time each day?  The first day of training quickly answered the questions I had.  I have tried to get back in shape many times in the past 20 years and have failed every time.  Without having a leader like Jennifer driving the program, I found it easy to sell myself short and just put out minimal effort.  
Having worked in a health spa in the late 80’s and going to gyms off and on since, it seems that I wasn’t alone.  There are no short cuts, trust me.  I work in the Direct Response Television Marketing industry (TV Infomercials) and I’ve sold and seen just about everything.  The only programs sold on TV that actually work are the ones where “you actually have to work”.  Jennifer quickly learns what each person needs and pushes those who need to be pushed while letting others off the hook while they’re adapting to the program.  I remember her telling me and Tracey not to worry about doing as much as everyone else as many of them have been doing this for years.  That’s all I needed to hear! 
When I started in October, I weighed 273lbs.  Today, I weigh 239lbs and have lost 40” overall.  I’m in better shape now at 49 than I was at 29.  My weight continues to drop while adding lean muscle mass.  How did it happen?  Simple.  I showed up every day and did as much as I could, modified my diet and the weight came off.
There are so many things I love about this program.  First on the list is the fact that I don’t have to plan my workouts each day.  I just show up, work for 60 minutes and leave.  It was hard in the beginning and it would have been easy to quit.  Remembering what Jennifer told me the first day, I just did as much as I could, stopped when I needed to stop and didn’t worry about the fact that other people were doing more.  I knew in my heart that, if I continued to do as much as I could, I would improve—I was so right.  During the first week, I could only do 3 push-ups.  Now I can crank out 50 to 60 without stopping.  I couldn’t do a single sit-up without someone holding my legs.  Now I can do 50 or 60 without stopping as well.  These are just examples, but I have greatly improved in every measurable area.  
To me, it’s about what’s important in life.  I’m the type of person who tries to eliminate stress by tackling those things that cause me stress.  I was never able to tackle my weight and appearance….until now.  I hated going to trade shows, parties and other public events because I had to find something to wear that didn’t make me look fat.  It’s so easy to make excuses—trust me; I’m a pro at it.  I had to make a change!  I finally decided that I wanted to do something “for me”.  
My business associates know that 5:30pm to 6:30pm is my time every day, and they respect that. I 100% guarantee that anyone doing this program will see some level of success, even if you only do part of the work-out in the beginning and cut out some of the bad food you’re eating.  You don’t have to do it all at once.  Once you start feeling better and see some results, your mind will take over and, all of a sudden, you’re doing more of the workout and eating even better.  “Success breeds success”.  Set realistic goals.  It doesn’t happen overnight, but neither did getting out of shape.  
I set realistic goals, all associated with events in my life.  For instance, I wanted to hit a certain number by the end of the year.  My next goals were associated with a yearly event in Miami at the end of February, an event coming up in San Diego at the end of April and another event that I attend in Las Vegas every September.  For me, this helped.  All I know is each day gets me one day closer to reaching these goals.  
Getting compliments from people that have known me for years just validates everything I’m doing.  I haven’t felt this positive about my future as it relates to my health and physical appearance in 25 years.  
I monitor my blood pressure regularly.  For the past 15 years, my BP has consistently been 135 over 85 with a resting heart rate of 68.  Now, my BP is 115 over 70 with a resting heart rate of 52. Heck, I’m even excited to see my doctor for my next check-up just to see hear him tell me how great I’m doing.  So if you’re thinking about starting a program, take advantage of Jennifer’s FREE 30-day trial."
Below is a more recent photo of their AMAZING Transformations!
*Results may vary from person to person

From Left: Robert Taylor,  Marc Homewood, Glenn Cerimele, Tim Miller
Being a Good Sport for me on top of their BootCamp Built Shoulders: Shaun Whipple
We are surrounded by successful people in our Boot Camp! This photo features some of those many, many POWER HOUSES in our Boot Camps!
Robert Taylor, joined us in February 2011. He is 46 years young and has never felt better in his life. Robert started at 267 lbs and now weighs 212 lbs for a loss of 53 lbs! He started at a 44" waistline and is now sporting a 34". He told me the other day he feels younger than he's felt in years and whipped his whole family in a game of basketball last weekend. He continues to shed body weight and perform faster and better with each month that passes while training in our Boot Camp. He is a powerhouse in our Boot Camp in many ways. Robert also runs 4.2 miles before class starts!!! Robert is known for saying "Heck Ya!" when I tell him we are doing the "FOUR CORNERS" Workout. He loves to get out in the park and MOVE!!! He is one of our fastest runners, his teasing and playful nature make any class Robert's in more fun as he forms friendships easily. He will challenge anyone to be better and to live honestly and boldly. Thanks for being sooo much  FUN and so encouraging of others Robert! You are one in a million! 
Marc Homewood is the new kid on the block of this AWESOME bunch, but his warm and loving nature of people has made him feel like he's been with us for years. Marc joined our Boot Camp in July 2013 and comes to us with GREAT personal success behind the wings he wears.  I love how welcoming Marc is of all of our new members and his great sense of humor and caring, informative nature.  Marc is a TOTAL Transformation success story and someone we could all learn from. Thank you for being such a great support and example to our Boot Camp family Marc, you are a gem! 
Here is Marc's story of his AMAZING Transformation in his own words...
"Two and a half years ago I weighed 315 lbs. In about 2 years I lost 120 lbs. Then I retired and moved to Arizona. Although I was still lifting weights and walking every day, I was not really pushing my self and I started gaining weight (a total of 25 lbs). I saw the ad for the FREE 4 Week Boot Camp and I signed up. Within 2 weeks I became a paying member. In 3 months at the Boot Camp, I've lost 20 lbs and my tennis game has never been better. I enjoy the fact that I get pushed in Boot Camp to always do my best, I enjoy the people I workout with, and I have learned much more about what my body is and can be capable of. I'd highly recommend that anyone who is in an exercise rut or needs motivation to exercise, consider Jennifer's Boot Camp. At the worst, you may make a few friends :) "  ~ Marc Homewood
Glenn Cerimele just celebrated his 2nd year anniversary of Boot Camp in September 2013 and anyone who has trained alongside of him in those two plus years can clearly remember him. I have never seen anyone perform the bodyweight moves he performs as fast as he preforms them and with such exceptional form. He really is one of the toughest Boot Camp performers out there. Glenn is 54 years young...performing with more speed, strength and agility than most 20 year olds. He has dropped 25 pounds from a size 36 pant to a 33 and also gained a wonderful sweetheart, Monica Uchitel, while training in our Boot Camp. We are so grateful for Glenn's leadership and beaming bright smile! Thank you for always exceeding what I believe is possible Glenn! You are truly a remarkable man!
Tim Miller is one of those unpredictable joys to train. Just when I think I have pushed him to his best he digs deeper and does more, faster and better than anyone he trains with. At a fit and youthful 52 years young, Tim, once again, performs quicker and with more stamina than most 20 year olds. Tim has dropped from 215 lbs to a super powerful, ripped and fit 185 lbs for a total weight loss of 30 pounds while training with us for the past 2 plus years, joining us in February 2012. He has dropped from a size 36" pant to 33". Tim's warm hearted, great sense of humor and healthy competitive nature puts everyone in a great mood who trains along side of him. He is always grateful for everything and never complains about a thing. He is one of the kindest, hardest working men you will ever have the joy of meeting and working out with. Thank you for always pushing me, personally to perform the Sequences better and faster than I thought I could by your exemplary example. YOU'RE THE BEST!
Here is Tim's Testimonial...
"As a teen up until 52 years of age I have all ways tried to stay in good shape, not an easy task. I have to say Jennifer is one of the most unique trainers I have ever met. She has the ability to make every body at Boot Camp feel comfortable, there is no intimidation factor, no matter what your fitness level is. I have been working out with Jennifer for almost 2 years and I have fun and stay very motivated." ~ Tim Miller
Shaun Whipple is in this photo because she is so small and was being a good sport when I asked her to come be in the photo on top of the guys shoulders. But in reality I selected Shaun because of her FANTASTIC Transformation since joining our Boot Camp in January of 2013! Shaun is sporting a new leaner, fitter, more toned body and attitude of self confidence and grace weighing in at a lean 114 lbs for the first time in her adult life! WHOOT WOO!!!
When people join your Boot Camp program I encourage people to get me involved in their transformation. As a Trainer you naturally have hopes they will take your counsel and wisdom you have acquired over your life and utilize those tools to transform their entire life. Shaun took me up on this offer and did exactly that.
She has followed everything perfectly from first coming to me each and every day of Boot Camp and asking me what specifically to eat for the entire day. She took this to a whole new level of AWESOMENESS by posting the photos of what she had eaten on Facebook. 
She has inquired how she could improve upon her timed mile (she runs before Boot Camp) and when I told her how to do this she did it! Her time improved by a minute and a half! Shaun always strives to push herself to the outer limits of what she is doing and she also has a heart of gold and is one of the most generous and giving people. I am sooo pleased with her dedication and perseverance to overcome temptation. Thank you for showing my business model of success sooo beautifully! (More on her FANTASTIC Transformation below, as well as her before and after photos). 
*Results may vary from person to person

Tony Zerilli


Tony on the left at 265 pounds BEFORE Boot Camp and Tony on the right at

205 pounds AFTER several months of attending Boot Camp

*Results may vary from person to person


"Last September I was 260lbs, 40"+ waist, 36% body fat, XXL shirt size.  Not very healthy and not very happy.  I was looking for something different.  Regular running on the treadmill or elliptical was boring and couldn't keep my attention. Many times I had joined the gym with the intention of losing weight and getting healthier, but after a short time would loose interest and eventually stop completely.


After riding this weight roller-coaster for far too long and while looking into all the great benefits of living in Power Ranch, I found Jennifer and Boot Camp!!  I had nothing to lose but the weight!  


The constant variations in the workouts and the motivation not only from the trainer, but also from my peers was amazing.  I was hooked immediately.  Consistency was the key.  Staying involved and pushing myself beyond what I once thought was not possible. 


After a low calorie diet and many months work...I now weight in at a leaner 205, 36" waist, 26% Body Fat, and wear a L shirt now!!! I feel much stronger and much healthier.  Not to mention the boost of confidence from all the compliments! LoL!


From what I learned through boot camp and being more aware of diet and exercise.  I have been able to maintain my goal weight for sometime (200lbs)...Again, sticking to a lower calorie diet and keeping myself physically active.  But I have never had the great gains in strength and weight loss as I had through Jennifer and her Boot Camps. 


I also really like the versatility in the workouts. Jennifer is always motivating and directions to progress and do more. I have more energy and can do more of the things I love to do. So once again I return to push myself beyond what I have already achieved.... Lets go get 20% body fat and lower!!!  


A Great Big THANK YOU to Jennifer for all your help! I look forward to what we can achieve together going forward. 


I would highly suggest this to anyone considering it.  Its FREE for the first 4weeks!!!  What do you have to lose but the weight!?          


Thanks for everything Jennifer and we'll see you at Boot Camp!" 



Dropped from 209 pounds BEFORE Boot Camp to 135 pounds AFTER Boot Camp!

*Results may vary from person to person

"A very close friend of mine, introduced me to Boot Camp and even though the first few days were difficult I have not looked back since!  I am addicted! I have been regularly attending for over ONE YEAR!


When I started Jennifer encouraged me to take the monthly Health Challenge of running 24 miles over the 4 week training cycle.  I knew if some one had faith in me then I should have that same faith in me as well -- so  I did!  I just needed that push. 

The first few times I couldn’t even run to the first stop sign w/out stopping. To date I am running at least 2 miles a day with ease and going for 4 mile hikes of the San Tan Mountains after class."

Here she is center, a few months into Boot Camp, hiking with Jennifer and other Boot Camp members

"Boot Camp and Jennifer has completely changed my life -- spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.  I feel strong from the inside out. What Jennifer has taught me has changed my entire perspective about life and the way I live it. I realize now that anything is possible...ANYTHING! Once you make the decision to succeed you will accomplish what ever you set your mind to do.  This past year while attending Boot Camp, I was able to achieve a 4.0 grade point average in college! I attribute this to having this belief. Anyone can do the same things I have done by joining this Boot Camp.

I am so happy I met Jennifer! She showed me a different way of looking and living my life so I can reach my highest potential. I have met such wonderful people at Boot Camp that have all been so encouraging. The friendships I have made are so AMAZING and special to me as well! Jennifer, a true leader, has taught me not to give up and to believe in myself like I have never known to do. Words cannot express how grateful I am to Jennifer. I could not have done this without her. The encouragement, the humor, the leadership skills and the warmth that she has given me is what has changed me forever. I love you Jennifer!"

This lovely has  participated in our Monthly Health Challenges since she has joined in an effort to win additional FREE Boot Camps. She never missed one day of training for her 1st 7 months of training! She also participates in our Monthly Health Challenge to run one mile before or after Boot Camp. In her first 3 months of training she ran 120 miles! She won an additional FREE 4 Week Boot Camp in our Health Challenge for accomplishing this valued at $99!


Letty Kaufman


Below on LEFT, Letty BEFORE BOOT CAMP and RIGHT, Letty AFTER Boot Camp

*Results may vary from person to person




Size 16 to a Size 6 and maintaining 6 years later with regular weekly attendance!


Stacey Mowers

Above Stacey AFTER Boot Camp

Below Stacey BEFORE Boot Camp


*Results may vary from person to person


Stacey Mowers joined our Boot Camp in January 2010 and is still with us! She was already pretty lean and fit, but had that extra body fat hanging on after giving birth to 4 terrific kids and really desired getting back to her pre-babies body.  Even though she says she still would like to drop a few more pounds, I am proud to announce Stacey has accomplished her desired outcome--looking youthful, lean and athletic! 


To date Stacey has dropped 25 pounds of fat, almost 41 inches, and achieved almost 21% body fat for a total loss of almost 5% of her body fat!


Stacey preparing to do a decline push-up against the wall  to give her 5 year old daughter Makayla a kiss. Makayla has come to Boot Camp with her mom 5 days a week for over a year!



Here is what Stacey has to say after 15 months of Boot Camp:


"After having 4 kids I never thought I could have my original body back. With Jennifer's Boot Camp there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I also love the variety in the workouts. It's never boring.


Boot Camp has definitely been helping me with how fast I can run. I came into Boot Camp just finishing my first 1/2 marathon in 2 hours and 11 minutes. One year later I completed my 2nd marathon in 1 hour and 58 minutes.


The people are so friendly. I was intimidated at first--every one looked so fit.  I felt welcome after the first workout. I talk about Boot Camp all of the time. Before I was stressed and snippy. Now I have more energy and patience with my kids and  life in general. The payoff is totally worth every penny."


Kelly & Matt Schmidt 

Kelly maintaining a size 2 for 3 plus years & Matt Schmidt Maintianing for 2 Years

Below Kelly and Matt 8 months before they started Boot Camp!


*Results may vary from person to person

*Results may vary from person to person

*Results may vary from person to person

*Results may vary from person to person

*Results may vary from person to person

*Results may vary from person to person

*Results may vary from person to person

*Results may vary from person to person

*Results may vary from person to person

*Results may vary from person to person


*Results may vary from person to person

Michelle Wright is a Shining Example of What Anyone Can Achieve

*Results may vary from person to personAPRIL 2011

Since joining Boot Camp at the end of May 2010 - Michelle has:

  • Consistently attended Boot Camp for 1 year
  • Dropped from 178 pounds to 140 pounds
  • Achieved 22% (and still going) from almost 34% Body Fat. That is a almost a 12% drop in Body Fat
  • Lost 40 inches form various body body parts!
  • Dropped from a size 14 to a size 2!
  • Ran her 1st half marathon
  • Hiked the toughest mountain in Phoenix...Camelback...reaching the top in 38 minutes!
  • Changed her families entire lifestyle from laying on the couch watching TV to playing tennis, catch, frisbee, running and hiking. She plays on a softball team and her kids are in a running club as well as playing sports.

Michelle BEFORE and AFTER Boot Camp!

Here's What Michelle has to say about her experience with My Perfect Body Now...

"After I got pregnant I let being a mom take over my life.   The miserable part of being overweight is being constantly tired - taking naps all day long. 



You know how some people say they eat food for emotional reasons -- I ate food because I LOVED IT! Aside from caring for my 3 children and husband, it took up all of my day. All of my thoughts were "When am I going to take a nap?" and "When am I going to eat next?"  It was REE-DIC-U-LOUS! 


I was gradually creeping up on the scale towards that frightful 200 pound mark weighing in at 193 lbs! The funny thing is at the time I didn't even realize I was that fat.



We found out my mom had cancer in November of last year. We were told she would have until about Valentine's Day. She passed away in March of this year."



Michelle with her mom, Pat, last Christmas


"To make matters worse my father met a new woman and because of this I only saw him twice  since my mothers death. In essence I lost both of my parents at the same time. I could be like so many others and allow the giref to consume me -- give me that excuse to keep eating or being overweight, but I refused to be that person.



I found myself thinking 'I cannot rely on everybody else.' I have to be secure with myself. I decided to change me. I had always wanted to be like one of those positive people I had admired. I wanted to be an inspiration to my kids and my husband.


I decided to start playing softball again. I couldn't believe how out of shape I had gotten. I was out of breath after only running 10 feet to catch the ball. I saw one of my friends running and I thought how great and fit she looked. She told me about the One Month Free Boot Camp -- so I decided to check it out.



"I showed up a few days late and on my first day you told us we were going to do 500 sit-ups in a row! I couldn't even do one sit-up just to reach a cookie. I thought you were out of your mind! When you told me to run 10 suicides, I said to myself 'I'm walking them. This woman is nuts.'  Then I lost 30 inches after my second month! I was like 'Holy crap!'. I continued to follow your advice... 'If you eat right and keep coming to Boot Camp there is no reason why you will not lose weight.'


You also shared the success story of Adriana with the group and I was totally interested in learning how she dropped from a size 12 to a zero in 5 months. I began drilling her with questions so I could achieve what she had done. She told me she couldn't run the mile when she started. She said to just modify everything to my own pace or stride. I could not have done this without her and everyone  else at Boot Camp.


Boot Camp is a GREAT environment! It is very rare that you can find any group of people who are that motivating, empowering and supportive. Last weekend I called Ariana not even 24 hours before my first half marathon that I was to run with a friend who canceled on me and she said YES! Now that is AWESOME!"



"I love the support that Jennifer provides with her fun comments like 'If you want to be fat just keep laying there.' I have met and made incredible friendships and done things I never thought I could accomplish. I climbed Camelback Mountain twice in the past couple weeks. Originally I tried to get out of going up and all of my friends from Boot Camp said "Yes, you can do this!' Jennifer has trained us to be able to do this ."


Michelle in the Black with other Boot Camp Members: Glenda, Chris & Ariana



"I am so amazed at how much Boot Camp has changed me and my families lives. Since making this lifestyle change it's effected my whole family.  Now when we get home Mike is at the park playing ball or frisbee verses sitting down on the couch watching mindless crap on TV.  My kids are involved in sports and a running club and we hike and play tennis on the weekends. Boot Camp has completely changed our whole family dynamic.  Without the leadership from Jennifer, the support from everyone at Boot Camp, plus the love and continual support from my husband -- who has been everything to me, motivating me to be a better wife and mother -- I couldn't have done this. Boot Camp is the final piece of the puzzle of my life. I am so grateful."

Shaun Whipple

The photo above is of Shaun Whipple’s transformation in 5 months of Boot Camp. After her 3 month of Boot Camp and achieving losing a lot of inches and having a noticeable improvement of her strength and energy Shaun was discouraged by the scale not moving more than a couple pounds. She was expecting more changes because she was working out every day even though she knew she was eating really bad or the same as she had eaten before she started working out. So we addressed what she is putting in her mouth and it became more clear to her why she was not getting any results.
She really wanted to get this baby weight off so she made a commitment to eat clean and healthy every day to see what would happen. Within 7 days she lost 6 pounds and then in another week she dropped below her pre-pregnancy weight! Within approximately 3 weeks she dropped 8 pounds. Would you be able to tell the photo above reflects only 8 pounds? I know I wouldn’t. But all of the muscular changes under the fat were happening in those first weeks of training and when we addressed her diet and she was able to shed the 8 pounds of pure fat she got the above results. Pretty amazing, right?  Below you can see what Shaun looked like 60 pounds heavier and on the right what one year of Boot Camp looks like...It's pretty WOW!!!
Her testimonial is below…you should definitely read it…very inspiring. She is still committed to continuing to eat clean until she reaches her goal weight. I know she will achieve this just as I know any one, including you can too! 
"I started Boot Camp January 2013. I had been working out at the gym and running almost everyday with little to no results. I ended up quitting the gym because my kids hated going to the daycare and I felt guilty leaving them there. At home I did workout DVDs and still ran in the mornings. I tried to eat healthy but wasn't sure what my body needed.
I looked up Jen's Boot Camp and decided to sign up for the free 4 weeks. I signed up with a couple of people but they ended up not doing it just yet. I was alone but decided to just go for it for ME. I was off to begin my fitness journey!
Yes waking up at 4:45am 5 days a week is hard but it's the best way to start the day in my opinion. I finally found something that worked! I was bouncing from 137-140 for months, my son was turning 12 months old and I still wasn't down to my pre-baby weight, 129. Finally I asked Jen what else I could be doing and every day after class she gave/still does give me a meal plan. Within 15 days I lost 8 lbs!! My son is now 15 months old and I can proudly say I'm back to my pre-baby weight and still going!
The diet changes Jen is having me do are not as hard as I thought! I'm satisfied all day and I don't find myself with cravings or roaming the pantry. There is a lot of prep work, you have to create your meals, but if I prep in the morning it's easy going the rest of the day and the meals taste amazing!
Starting in January 2013 I was a size 11-12 and as of May I'm 4 and still losing inches!  I love our 5:30am group and look forward to seeing our fitness 'family' everyday! Big shout out to Jen! I couldn't have done it without you!"
~ Shaun Whipple

*Results may vary from person to personAshely Cunha



Beautiful Ashley at 140 pounds on the left down to 119 on the right

Celebrating two years plus of Boot Camp February 2014!

*Results may vary from person to person

Molly Riley

Molly Riley's Winning Attitude Gets Her Winning Results!

*Results may vary from person to person

There is nothing more exciting to a trainer than to see one of your clients reaching their goals and knowing they are enjoying themselves while they are doing it.  And Molly Riley is doing just that! 

From the moment I met Molly this past August I knew I had a success story in the making.  Her positive, upbeat attitude and diligence with getting in her 5 workouts a week since she started, as well as never taking any rests during the workout, have proven to be the keys to why she has achieved what she set out to do!

Molly's Fantastic Results:

  • Dropped from 24.3% Body Fat to 19.5% = almost 5% of her fat gone!
  • Dropped 12 pounds of fat!  Weighing in at only 111 pounds now!
  • Shed a total of almost 28 inches off of her petite frame!  WOO-WHO!!!

Here's what Molly has to say about her success and Boot Camp:

"I have never been one to stick with a fitness program, because I really have never enjoyed anything.  I would go to the gym, maybe 2 or 3 times, then quit.  Gaining 52 pounds with my pregnancies was really hard on me.  I had joined a competitors Boot Camp, but found myself like so many people hit with the bad economy, not able to justify the cost they were charging me and only being able to attend 3 days a week.  I just wasn't seeing the results with that training schedule.   Just when I quit this competitors Boot Camp a friend of mine told me about Jennifer's Free Boot Camp.  She said "Try it.  It's FREE! - You'll love it!"  I was so excited!  It couldn't have come at a better time!

The first day I went - I was hooked!  I love it! The words I would use to describe Boot Camp...Phenomenal! ... Amazing!  Jennifer makes it so much fun.   I cannot believe how I have been able to stick with this, because I have never, ever stuck with anything when it comes to working out.  I tell everyone about it.  My husband can see how much I love it and I am happier with myself and the way I look.  I am so excited I found this Boot Camp!"

Actions Speak louder than words when it comes to 'Personal Excellence' for Candie Castillo! *Results may vary from person to person

Before Candie Castillo joined Boot Camp in June of 2009 she had already triumphantly lost 40 pounds of unwanted body fat based on her own self-disciplined actions. That is FANTASTIC!!! She was proud enough to provide the evidence of how far she has come with the before photo above.  Now almost 3 years later Candie is still maintaining her weight loss. Her husband Chad was so pleased with her results he joined us a year nto her training and is still with us to this day. Truly inspiring! 


From day one, I knew Candie was not going to let anything stop her from reaching her goals!  Right after meeting we talked about what she aimed to accomplish.  She showed me a photograph of a fitness competitor saying "This is what I want to look like."   And when she showed this to me there was no question in my mind she would get there! 

Why will Candie reach her goals?  Her actions!  She attends Boot Camp 5 and 6 days a week since she started and also takes the time to run before or after Boot Camp.  She participates in a soccer league once a week with some of our other Boot Camp members, as well as runs and workouts at home.  She also ran in the 5k Race for a Cure to Breast Cancer - Go Candie!  She brings any, or all, of her 3 young children to Boot Camp when, as a mother of a Firefighter who works three 24 hour shifts she could use the "excuse" of being a single-parenting mother and skip her workouts. They play and run in the park while they watch their amazing mom doing tough exercises like this spiderman push-up below.  She makes it look easy and effortless!

Candie has accomplished the following:

  • Dropped from a size 10 to a tiny size 5!
  • Lost almost 26 inches total!
  • 3.3% drop in Body Fat - Achieving an ideal body fat of 19.9%!!!
  • Runs one mile in 6:57 minutes!!!
  • Holds the plank for 5:09 minutes!!

Top Performers at Boot Camp

*Results may vary from person to personBeto Nicastro, Iliana Cano, Adriana Diaz and Eric Nicolls all achieved holding the plank on their forarms without dropping for a total of 30 MINUTES on Saturday, May 1st, 2010!  Yes, you heard me... 30 MINUTES!!! Since then, Adriana and Beto on the  right both have held the plank for 50 MINUTES!!!  UNBELIEVABLE!



Each of them had held the plank for 1-2 minutes in their first weeks of Boot Camp, and gradually, after consitent attendance they improved their strength and stamina to accomplish this astounding feat!  TRULY INSPIRING and AMAZING!!!

Bryan and Meredith Curley --  Happy Boot Campers! 

From the moment Bryan and Meredith Curley joined our Boot Camp  in October 2009, they have brought nothing but laughter, smiles and a contagious zest for living a super active and fit lifestyle to our Boot Camps. They also continually inspire me to be my personal best as their trainer -- constantly reminding me how important it is to change up the workouts with cardio as well as strength training. When they aren't trying to fatten me up with their sweet baked goods that they bring to Boot Camp they are running marathons, relay raises, taking their two sons on fantastic vacations, and enjoying their friendships with some amazing people just like them! It is truly a delight to watch this couple live their lives!

Meredith and Bryan all smiles at the 2010 PF Chang's 1/2 Marathon

Meredith's testimonial...

"Unlike Bryan I was not an athlete growing up; definitely more of a book worm. I have been blessed with great genetics and have always been trim but was inspired to start regularly exercising by my mom. She was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2001 and moved in with us in early 2002. When she moved here she joined a cancer exercise group at the YMCA and I joined the Y with her. I was so impressed that this group of people who were fighting to survive, go through chemotherapy & radiation were making the time to go to the gym and exercise. I no longer had an excuse. I was healthy and so blessed. I was determined from that point to exercise, "because I can.". That is now my motto. So many others cannot do the simple things and I can. I have no reason to let minor obstacles get in my way when others face much larger challenges and still persevere. Mom passed away in May 2003 and she remains my inspiration.

I then decided to pursue a personal goal of completing a sprint triathlon. Unfortunately, that meant running. I had been told by my junior high school PE teacher that I could not run and it stuck. I decided to overcome that mental block and tried to run around the block. That was in early 2005. It was terrible and I came home miserable and worn out. I stuck with it and ran my first 5K in December 2005. I later joined a triathlon training group at the gym and in March 2007 I completed my first sprint triathlon in honor of my mom.  My best friend held a sign that read. "Because I can!". Bryan and I did another triathlon in June 2007. Overcoming mental obstacles and enjoying the success of completing personal goals has been great.  

Boot camp keeps me motivated and has inspired me to keep pursuing my fitness goals.  I feel terrific, I have reduced my body fat percentages, and I continue to lead a very active life with my 
family.  We bike, hike, swim, ski, and adventure around the world.   Life is good!"

*Results may vary from person to person



A Winning Attitude Gets Winning Results for Kasee Hatch!

*Results may vary from person to person

Kasee Hatch arrived at Boot Camp just a little over one month ago and has already lost 17 pounds! That’s right, 17 pounds off of her already lean frame! As we all know, that is not an easy accomplishment for most people; so naturally, I had some questions for this stunning young lady winning in the battle for weight loss!  Especially, since she attends Boot Camp as often as every one else and works just as hard too. 



Read on to hear her secret… 

“When I arrived at Boot Camp you were naming off restaurants and the calories in some of their foods. You mentioned Chipotles, a restaurant I used to eat at almost every day because of the whole "fresh and organic foods" theme they are well known for. One of the burritos packed 1200 calories and had enough sodium for my entire day! Not only did I completely stop eating at Chipotles, I stopped eating all of the other fast food I usually eat too and I began eating more salads and other healthier food choices.” 


Wow, Kasee, that is amazing!  So simple and yet so effective!

Kasee also has a winning attitude and I am certain that contributes to what she has already achieved and as well as her continued success. 


When I asked her a few questions about why she is comes so often and sticks with it she said...

“I wait all day for that one hour! I love Boot Camp! I know that once I arrive I am going to have personal training - covering all of the muscles in my entire body, for one full hour with a group of people who totally push me and make me laugh! I just LOVE the group setting! And I don’t mind the heat. I feel as though I work harder and burn more calories, because it is better workout training in the heat rather than on my own in an air conditioned, boring gym.


I can’t believe how awesome my performance has improved on the things I could hardly do when I first arrived, like Mountain Climbers, Push-ups and running. I pick the fastest person in the group on the runs and I try to keep up with them.  I am so happy with my results!  I want to be there every day, as much as possible. My motivation to do this is so that I can lose as much as possible and as well as build the muscles I will need to get into the Police Academy.”


 1)  Steve & Laura 2 years ago in Kauai  2) After 1 week of Boot Camp  3) After 8 weeks of Boot Camp!


Steve and Laura Buck arrived at Boot Camp in the middle of May 2009 on their bikes -- their baskets filled with yoga mats, water, and HEAVY dumbbells!  I knew within minutes of seeing and speaking to them they were serious about their fitness goals and commitment to get results at Boot Camp. 

With each workout they perform harder, work faster and ask a lot of valuable questions to help them reach their goals.  It is no wonder they achieved such a great deal of weight loss before they ever stepped foot into our Boot Camp.

Steve lost 40 pounds and Laura had lost 30 pounds over the past year. They were kind enough to share their inspiring photos capturing each of their journeys to a healthier body.

Steve's results after 6 weeks of training 4-5 days a week:

  • Almost a 4% drop in Body Fat! Steve now has 12% body fat! 

  • 21 inches lost! The biggest drop - 3 inches off of his mid-section! That is why Laura says her hand was covering his stomach in the photo of them in Kauai! There's nothing to cover now!

  • 11 pounds of Body Fat gone to add to his overall total!  FANTASTIC!

Laura's results after 6 weeks of training 4-5 days a week:

  • Almost 2% drop in Body Fat! This is in just 6 weeks  -- imagine what she has lost since Kauai! Laura, you are one self-disciplined woman!

  • Over 16 inches disappeared from her body! With 3 and 1/4 inches lost on her tummy alone! Looking at her now it is hard to imagine she was ever 30 pounds heavier!

  • Laura could worry about the scale saying 2 pounds lost, but why would she -- the pictures say it all! JOB WELL DONE PRETTY LADY!

*Results may vary from person to person

Lisa Smith Total Transformation

*Results may vary from person to person

As a trainer, I strive to offer some of the most challenging workouts imaginable and then someone like Lisa Smith comes along and her performance makes me want to aim even higher! AND I LOVE HER FOR IT! 

Lisa joined our Boot Camps over a year ago in April 2008. She was one of the first people to tell me she wanted to make a financial commitment for 6 months of Boot Camp! That type of vision and commitment is exactly why she has succeeded in reaching her goals!

The rewards have transformed her thinking, her diet, her spirit, her goals, her body and her overall outlook on life!  Not to mention she achieved:

7.2% drop in body fat!  YEAH BABY!

Almost 26 inches lost off her body!

The biggest drop - 4 inches off of one thigh and 3-1/2 off of the other!

She won't be calling them her "honka honka legs" anymore!

For a grand total of OVER 23 pounds lost! AWESOME!!! 

Stephanie Smith - Winner of Our Life Time of Fitness Achievement 

*Results may vary from person to person

Like every individual who seeks out our Boot Camp, an event or emotion motivated each individual to start working out.  For some it is health, or preventative health issues.  For others it's vanity or a life event, such as a divorce or a High School Reunion.  In most cases, many people who start Boot Camp have not worked out in years, maybe even decades!   And the older we are, as well as the length of time between our last consistent form of fitness training, will determine our ability to move freely and agilely, and let's face it, to actually stick with it for any length of time!  And then there are those very special and unique people who come along, like Stephanie Smith , who completely redefine the status quot by making fitness a part of their entire life! 

When I laid eyes on the beautiful and full of sprite, 69 year old - YES, that's right, SIXTY-NINE YEARS YOUNG, rather - Stephanie Smith, I realized I had a lot I could learn from this vivacious and fit, "elderly" woman.   But it wasn't just her age that made me take notice and want to take an even closer look.  Here's why...
From day one, Stephanie has never missed a workout, other than to go to Greece for a month to care for her sister with a medical emergency.  She always arrives a half hour before the class begins, making sure to set up her equipment in a spot she likes -- usually directly in front of me.  Yes, she very well could be "Teacher's Pet"! 
Upon her own accord, for months now, she walks the full perimeter of the park prior to class, which is partially where December's Health Challenge originated from.  She smiles and greets the new members and welcomes them on her walks.  When her new Boot Camp friends are not at Boot Camp, she always asks with great concern and interest where they are. 
While performing the exercises I see her blow off the steam of frustration when an exercise is challenging and then diligently dives right back in rather than giving up and presses on again and again until the next instruction is given.  You never hear her complain, other than saying she wishes she could do every exercise.  When I gave her the option to put forth half the effort on days where she comes in the morning - having just attended the last Boot Camp the night before - she scoffed and said with disbelief "Why would you ever do something halfway?!"  I knew I wanted to feature Stephanie in our Member Spotlight now more than ever after hearing that comment!
Here is a peak into the mind of a 69 years young, fit, healthy, and happy woman - who sees the glass as half full...

"Back in 1963 there were no such thing as Health Clubs, but exercise was a part of my life.   I believe it is important to keep the body moving and to keep it limber.  The body was meant to move.   They did not have videos or DVD's to workout to back then, so I went and purchased the only thing available at the time, a vinyl record.  Each morning at 4:30AM, in my family's 3 story home, I exercised to my record player.  My family called me their "alarm clock" and did not appreciate this loud noise in the early morning very much. 
I believe we should all exercise.  When you exercise it helps you mentally to think better.  It does something powerful to the brain.  You feel good about yourself when you do it.  By exercising I also feel encouraged to eat right.  There is no way I will go eat something bad after I just worked out.  I eat a Raw Food Diet, meaning I do not cook any of my foods.  When you eat cooked foods you feel sluggish afterward, like you don't want to get up.
I was married 27 years to my husband, Murrey, who passed away 5 years ago.  We loved to dance.  We danced 5 days a week, snow skied 4-6 weeks a year, and road our bikes 60-90 miles a day.  Murrey had a goal to ride our bikes from coast to coast.  We ended up  riding 5,700 miles over 101 days from Long Beach to Delaware.  The distance coast-to-coast in a straight shot is actually 3,000 miles, but we had to take a detour and dropped straight down from Illinois to Tennessee so we could go dancing.   If you love to dance you know that Tennessee has the best dancing there is!  We also enjoyed rock climbing at the Half Dome in Jessamine.
When I heard through a friend at my gym about your Boot Camp, I had no idea what it was, but  I could see it inspired my friend and she inspires me.  I thought it was a FANTASTIC thing to try.  And like anything that you try or do, you cannot just come 1 or 2 times.  You have to give it a good try, before you make up your mind.  So, I gave it 8-10 times and I decided I really liked this Boot Camp!   
I checked out other Boot Camps before I joined after the free month, but none of them offer what this Boot Camp offers.  I like the challenge.  I like the people.  I like Jennifer's inspiration and style of instruction, as well as the Newsletters,  and how Jennifer shares life stories.  I love it!  It's truly worth all of it to drive 30 miles to be there every day.
Putting forth an extra effort and staying focused makes all of the difference.  I believe that the main benefit of exercise is that it makes life more exciting for you. You can get out and do more things.  You can inspire others."

Here's what Stephanie has achieved in a little over 2 months:

8 pounds off of her petite frame!

Dropped from over 33% Body Fat to 25% Body Fat!  FANTASTIC!!!

Dropped from a size 5 to a size 3!  TINY!!!

Laura Morales 


Laura Morales, from day one, has done some serious butt kicking at Boot Camp.  She is a "no excuses women.  With a her husband Jeff working 24 hour shifts as a firefighter and having two small children, plus her own job, she could find plenty of "reasons" to miss her workouts every week, but that is never the case with Laura.  She attends 4- 6 workouts  a week, and lately she has attended 2 classes in one day!  Way to go Pretty Lady!
Laura avoids the guilt that comes with being a mother and wanting to workout by bringing her two sweet little girls - Madisen aka "Peanut" and Megan aka "Moose" - with her to every workout.  When they aren't playing in the water fountain playground they are cheering us Boot Campers on or out running us in their flip-flops!  Thanks girls!
What keeps her so dedicated - well, take a look at the before Boot Camp photo above and the photo taken yesterday... it's the RESULTS...they keep her coming back for more!   
Check out Laura's results after just one month:
16.75 TOTAL INCHES LOST!!!  With almost 3 inches off of her belly alone!
 And the scale shows 6 pounds of body fat permanently lost! AWESOME!
Check out Laura's results after just two months
31.5 INCHES LOST!!!  13 pounds of body fat gone giving her almost a 4% drop in body fat!
*Results may vary from person to person

Nadine DeSorbo

Nadine DeSorbo joined us 5 days into the month of May, but she didn't waste any time making up for the days missed! Nadine had perfect attendance for the remaining 21 Boot Camp training days.   These 21 workouts provided some serious results:

14 and 1/2 inches lost overall! With 3 inches lost off of each of her thighs! Yes, that's right, EACH THIGH! She lost almost 2% of her body fat! What does that mean? She dropped 3 pounds of body fat and picked up almost 3 pounds of Lean Muscle! The picture above after one month speaks a thousand words!  After her second month she is now up to almost 28 inches lost and3% drop in body fat!  She has never missed one day of Boot Camp in over 2 months!!!  YEAH FOR NADINE!!!

Her first attempt at holdng the plank on her elbows was successful at over 1 minute without dropping.  One month later she held the plank for over 5 minutes!  Then muck to our disbelief, on the first day of starting her third month of Boot Camp Nadine held the plank for over 10 minutes without dropping her form or a knee to the ground!  What an AMAZING IMPROVEMENT!

Nadine was like many people, she wasn't sure if Boot Camp was for her. She was 45 years young, struggling at times with the aches and pains of Fibromyalgia. She was starting a new job and the thought of waking up every day at 5:00AM to go workout seemed unrealistic to her and even her husband. She has proven to herself and her loved ones that she can in fact love waking up at the crack of dawn and working out!

*Results may vary from person to person

Terri Cota

Anyone who has trained with Terri Cota remembers her!  She is one of the most caring and supportive people to the new comers at Boot Camp, because it wasn't too long ago when she was in their shoes. 

Terri joined us in the middle of April with a desire to have, let's just say, "smaller body parts", but the first week was hard and she found herself worried about her ability to do some of the difficult exercises to her expectations.  She shared her frustrations as well as her disappointment that she had only lost 5 pounds in the first few weeks.  I told her to remember this moment, because she will be looking back in a few weeks and be laughing over her worries and grinning with pride over her accomplishments.

And here it is, weeks later - 7 to be exact - and TERRI HAS A LOT TO BE SMILING ABOUT!  She has moved from being able to hold the plank for a few seconds to holding it for 1:18 minutes.  She moved from 24 push-ups on her knees to 37 on her toes!  And her squats doubled - making some of those "body parts" smaller. : )

What does this mean on her body:

25 TOTAL INCHES LOST!!!  4 inches off of her waist alone!  And she lost 1.5 inches off one of her "body parts" that really mattered to her! The scale was kind  -showing and 11 pound loss!  This unwanted body fat gone decreased her overall body fat percentage by 3.3% -- WOW!

How did she do it?  She came to Boot Camp 5-6 days a week, for one hour and just watched what she ate - that's all!

*Results may vary from person to person


Boot Camp Testimonials

*Results May Vary From Person To Person

"Wow!  Jennifer, that was one of your best newsletters ever.  I loved it and felt so inspired to get my butt back there to seeing you this Wednesday. What a great feature spotlight...so touching, inspiring, and real.  I just love how people open up to others and develop such great relationships.

I loved your photo at the end where even your gum matches your shirt!!  And, boy aren't you on top of things with all the baby photos including the new little cutie just born yesterday.  You do an amazing job with not only the newsletter, but in every aspect of your 'job'.

<>Thanks...and I can't wait to get back at it this week."


Cece W. Gilbert, AZ


"Thursday I had a wonderful workout with you.  I went home, and later my mother-in-law mentioned her abs were sore and I realized that mine had also been tender lately too.  As she continued talking I suddenly realized just how sore mine actually were.  I was surprised and said 'I hadn't realized we were working on abs, we just did a lot if this type of stuff' at this point I energetically ballerina-like leaped into a couple of sidekick/lunge/tap the ground things like we had done and by the third tapping of the ground I realized your secret. We HAD had an ab day. My aching wannabe six pack made that very clear to me. I always thought ab work was sit ups or leg lifts so I am very excited to find that there is more to it than that. 

On another note --  I have developed tiny biceps (and shown all family and friends multiple times). I'm a little scared for when they get bigger- nothing like wanting to show every person you meet your new wicked biceps. I also lost 10 pounds and kept it off during our 2 week break!  Thank you for your help, support, and motivation!!!!  We rock!  Thanks!!!"

Tarcy W. Gilbert, AZ

“For me Boot Camp was a great way to get started on getting in better shape and becoming a better me. It was fun as well as challenging and I looked forward to going every time. Jennifer is motivating and supportive and after one hour I left feeling accomplished and energetic. I was tired of the same old boring workout at home with my various DVD workouts or at the gym with the same boring equipment. Jennifer's Boot Camp got me excited about getting into shape. With Unlimited Monthly Attendance I was getting a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost! I would recommend (and often do recommend) Jennifer Turley's Boot Camp to anyone looking to get into shape and have a great time doing it.”

Heather B. – Gilbert, AZ

“Hey there, Miss Jennifer! Well I’m having a fantastic time at Boot Camp! I love it!   I also need to set up my second Life Coaching meeting before I go back to school. I told mom if I lived in Arizona you would be my drug of choice - because I would be addicted to you!  I love your Life Coaching lessons and now I love your Boot Camp!”

Macklee A. – Queen Creek, AZ

"My husband and I joined the Co-Ed Boot Camp to get rid of the fat that wasn't on our bodies 2 years ago.  Smile…Not that we got FAT, we were just getting FLABBY!  It comes with age, but we were determined to change it. Jennifer is such a great Coach! She’ll push you to your limits and beyond. It’s really about what YOU want out of it. I have a herniated disc in my neck so sometimes I’ll find a certain exercise we do is bothering me. All I have to ask is “what is an alternative to this one?”. Jennifer is awesome and always has something to accommodate anyone. So I guess what I’m saying is if you have issues with your neck, your back, your legs, shoulders etc..Don’t worry about it. Get to Boot Camp! Jennifer will make it work for you and each day you go you’ll leave there feeling like you got a great workout and also had a ton of FUN!! Jennifer, THANK YOU for all you do!"

Jodie M. - Gilbert, AZ

"Jennifer, joining your Boot Camp was one of the best decisions I have made this year. Even though I live far and need to drive a long way each time, it is worth making the effort because the sessions are so fun and you are very inspiring and encouraging.  I have more energy since I've started your Boot Camp and I'm glad I found you. You are the best!"

Gali S. - Chandler, AZ

"I LOVE going to Boot Camp!  The workouts are challenging, but are constantly being "tweaked" to fit our individual needs.  There is never a dull moment and Jennifer is a very happy, energetic and encouraging instructor. When I get done with a particularly challenging workout, when Jennifer has pushed me to do a bit more or go a little further;  I feel strong, empowered & I know you've helped me to accomplish something for myself. 
Amanda T. - Gilbert, AZ

"I used to play basketball for hours when I was in college, after that got married, have a wonderful child and all that flexibility and strength that I enjoyed in my early years, went away. Ever since I started training with Jennifer, my body is starting to feel more and more like it used to 10 years ago. The best part of boot camp is that in one hour you'll do more than you will do going to the gym, and also nobody is in your face screaming at you, the environment with the other participants is something that you can't find at a gym.
Adolfo C. – Gilbert, AZ

"Just wanted to let you know how much I love Boot Camp! When I first started I could only do ONE push up, now, I can do almost 50!!! As you know I participate in other activities and Boot Camp has helped my strength and stamina for the other activities. I can not believe the difference that Boot Camp makes. Thank you, Jennifer!"

Denice C.  - Chandler, AZ

"You have given me the desire to see the good in my body and the reality check of what to expect.  I'm better for just knowing you.  But I feel better because you are kickin' my butt!" 

Blake S. - Gilbert, AZ

"Hi, Jennifer, I just need to tell you something.... You really put a smile on my face at Boot Camp... and you are such a great way to start my day.  Thank you Jennifer! I really wish I could put you in my pocket and carry you around with me! " 

Brandy L. - Gilbert, AZ

"I cannot believe I have lost over 38 inches in only 2 months.  It's so strange because the scale says I have only lost 10 pounds.  The hand held body fat tester made my day when it said i had lost 2% of my body fat!  Boot Camp ROCKS!!!  Thanks for giving me my pride and healthy body back!"

Jennifer S - Gilbert, AZ

“Good Morning Jennifer, Oh…I am happy with my weight loss, is 2.3 % body fat loss good?  I can’t believe I lost 14 pounds in the first 4 weeks! I did not measure myself when I started, but I was snug in size **! I have just a bit more to go to get to my goal of a size 12. I know I can do this with your support! I very much enjoy your group and exercise. You are a delight as a Boot Camp leader.”

Marva A. – Queen Creek, AZ

“I joined Jennifer’s Boot Camp July 2007 to get in shape for my first trip to Hawaii to celebrate my 29th wedding anniversary. After the first week, I lost 4 lbs and since then I have gone down almost 2 sizes in my jeans! I have reduced my body fat, lost more weight, and have sculpted my body with toning & definition. Jennifer is the most amazing person you will ever train with. She is funny, upbeat, positive and works your butt off (literally). She will push you to what she calls "upping your game". She knows your limits but will always try to push you even harder to achieve greater results. I am a believer in this type of training and highly recommend this to anyone who wants to look better, feel great, and be a happier person. I am thrilled at the results and plan to continue to get even better! Thanks Jennifer for being such an inspiration! I could not have achieved my results without your help!"

Janeen O. -Queen Creek, AZ

"Jennifer, I cannot thank you enough for your encouragement and can do attitude. I have lost over 50 pounds and feel the best I have felt in years.  You have taught me that age has nothing to do with it, that I am strong, and I can make it happen. You have given me skills that I will use the rest of my life. My whole family has changed their eating and exercising habits. Words alone cannot tell you how much you have done for me. So if you are debating about coming to Boot Camp, don’t waste another day and get off that couch."

Cindy W. – Gilbert, AZ

“I KNOW you can help...what you don't realize is how much you've already helped in my everyday life.  The short conversations we've had, the 2 minute talks you share with us during Boot Camp, I truly take that information away and use it everyday.  I do feel better about myself after almost three months of boot camp now!!  I've been trying to make something positive out of everything.  I am trying to accept life and not worry about things I can't change…per your advice! I hope to get a break in my crazy schedule the next couple of weeks and I will come talk with you!”

Monica G. – Gilbert, AZ

“Thank you simply isn't enough to express my gratitude. I started with Jennifer's Boot Camps Halloween 2006 and I just had a baby the month before. I had never been in such bad shape. I had a horrible pregnancy and was on bed rest for most of it. I became depressed and packed on the pounds. I will never forget that first week of Boot Camp. I couldn't hold the plank for more than 10 seconds, I couldn't get back up from one squat, I couldn't run if there was a gun to my head and I was lucky if I could do more than 3 "man pushups." Well, it's almost one year later and you have changed my life. I am the strongest mentally and physically I have ever been. I have lost 35 pounds and about 10 inches around my waist. I can now do many sets of pushups and squats hold the plank for at least two minutes and now run 1.5-2 miles without walking! I have made lifelong friendships with people in the class and with you Jennifer. I am living in Orange County now and the Boot Camp over here just isn't the same. I am now in a class of 72 people and we have no interaction with the trainer or the other people in the class. It will never compare to Jennifer's classes. Thank you a million times over and over! Love you guys! Wish you could move to the OC!”

Jaime C. – Orange County, CA

"Jennifer’s classes are so much more than just “Boot Camp”. Although Boot Camp is THE BEST exercise program out there and I have lost pounds, it is much more than that. Jennifer helps you to set goals and change your lifestyle. It isn’t about crash diets or short term weight loss. It is about feeling good about you, working out on a regular basis and feeling good forever! I can not thank Jennifer for all you have done for me. I have been a member of the Boot Camps since fall of 2006. Not only does the boot camp prove as an awesome success, but Jennifer’s Life Coaching is “Icing on the cake.”    What you learn from Jennifer will change your way of thinking forever.   Jennifer you were the motivation I was missing! A Huge thanks to you!!!"

Cathy A. - Gilbert, AZ

"I would not be at the boot camps if it wasn't for your Life Coaching.....it has made all the difference in how I am looking at things.  I wanted you to know this on a personal note......how you share things with me and allow me the opportunity to look at them and give them fine tuning for my life has been incredible.  I am really happy with loving who I am and where I am and where I want to be.  I thank you for assisting me in realizing this!  I just think you are amazing and have an amazing talent." 

Andrea J. – Gilbert, AZ

“I love the fact that My Perfect Body Now is a whole lifestyle, not just exercise three times a week.  I feel great working outside and with my own body resistance, instead of in a gym where you have to wait for machines.  I really like the diets that are customized just for me to optimize my weight loss.  I also plan on taking advantage of the life coaching session.  My Perfect Body Now is really a mind, body, and spirit approach to help make a lasting lifestyle change for the better.  My whole family is reaping the benefits.”

Jennifer J. - Gilbert, AZ

“Hello Jennifer, It brightens my day when I get my Boot Camp newsletters and e-mails. Everything is good here.  The kids are doing well and having fun at school.  My job is good and keeping me busy.  On the fitness side I am down 23 lbs. and feeling great.  I have so much to be thankful for this year and you two are included in that list.  Friendship and Fitness and I could go on and on.  Seriously, if I wasn't working out with you guys when all my life happenings happened, I would have been miserable.  So as we give thanks this week... I thank YOU!! Take care and all the best.”

Hannah D. – Chicago, IL 

“The other day, while running up that hill which at the time seemed more like a mountain, Jennifer told me I was looking good. I casually said, “Thank you.” Then the reality of it hit. Was I saying thank you just for the compliment? Actually, No... It’s a much bigger thank you to Jennifer. Thank you for making me almost 20 inches smaller, healthier, happier, and dropping my blood pressure low enough that I don’t need medication!  I feel and look better than I have in 20 years. Jennifer’s Boot Camps made what I couldn’t motivate myself to do in 10 years, happen in just 4 boot camps! So Yes, Thank You!”

Dorie S. – Queen Creek, AZ 

"Jennifer, I just wanted to say thanks a bunch for your dedication to all of us!  I truly enjoy coming to class! Like I told you, I worked out with a personal trainer for over 2 years and I see more improvement in my body in one month at boot camp than I did in those two years!  I have not measured myself lately, but I know that my clothes fit so much better and some not at all.  I went down one size in my jeans.  Now if I could just figure out how to stop eating!?!"

Kim L. Chandler, AZ 

 "Jennifer - You are incredible! I loved every minute of the Boot Camp. I have increased in flexibility, have toned and shaped my body and have learned new techniques and exercises that will continue to challenge me. I can even do "boy" push-ups, which were always a weakness of mine. Thank you for pushing me hard and helping me achieve my goals of a healthier, happier me."

Heather G. – Gilbert, AZ

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