How does my FREE Life Coaching session work?

Phone me to schedule your FREE Life Coaching session. If I am not busy when you call, we will do your free session right then and there - with no need to play “phone tag” later.  We also offer in person or Zoom Life Coaching sessions. 

All FREE 30 minute Life Coaching sessions are done by phone. After your free 30 minutes you are welcome to continue the session as a paying member for an additional 60 minute/1 hour hour.

As a first time paying member your first session will include the 90 minutes at our hour session regular rate.


What will happen during my FREE Life Coaching session?

Each session is a little different dependant on the clients' issues. Some clients prefer a question and answer session and others are ready to get working on their goals or issues immediately. It is really up to you!

I can promise, by the end of the phone call, you will know if Life Coaching and Jennifer Daniel are right for you. Most people feel a great sense of accomplishment by simply making this initial contact and discussing the issues at hand. Be prepared to be amazed!

Why is it FREE?

I absolutely believe you must get to know your Life Coach before you hire them. There is no better way to find out if we will work well together unless we actually take some time to talk with one another.  In order for us to have a successful partnership you will have to feel comfortable with my personality and be motivated by my Coaching style.
I want you to look forward to our Coaching sessions and in order to be 100% confident that we should work together I gift a FREE consultation. I also have a professional responsibility to determine if I will be the right Life Coach for you. The FREE session is designed to determine this for both of us and in the end set you on a new path filled with hope, peace, laughter and joy!

I invite you to call today so that we can begin this journey now - creating powerful change and unstoppable momentum in your life, as well as meaningful and rewarding connections in your relationships. What have you got to lose? 


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