What is Life Coaching?

Jennifer Daniel's Life Coaching practice is a professional service designed to advocate for individuals, couples, and families to achieve personal and professional goals, overcome lifestyle challenges, and enhance their relationships and overall life satisfaction.
Jennifer recognizes the power of advocating for the family as one of the greatest contributions to our world. Jennifer's strengths lie in building relationships of parents and children and strengthening homes and families. Jennifer quickly helps her clients to identify their values, set meaningful goals, and develop action plans to reach those goals.
Jennifer's coaching process is forward-focused and action-oriented, aiming to empower individuals to make positive changes in their lives. Life Coaching is a practice of discovering what will make you happier and more fulfilled in your life and then coaching you towards implementing the steps necessary to achieve this way of life as quickly as possible.
As your Life Coach I will help you become aware of the thoughts and beliefs which trap you in the life that you are currently living.  This transformation in your thoughts and beliefs will help you to immediately attain much more peace, joy and abundance in your life both personally and professionally., but most of all with those you cherish the most.   
You may be skeptical with this bold claim of immediate improvement in your life, but it happens every day with Jennifer's clients.  Please check out some of her powerful testimonials to see for yourself the changes that are possible in your life right NOW.
Who would benefit from Life Coaching?
You would benefit from Life Coaching if you are experiencing one of the following emotions:  frustration, irritation, disappointment, feeling stuck, apathetic, sadness, and/or anger.  You may have "issues" and these "issues" are keeping you from being completely happy in your personal or professional life.
Are you tired of complaining, being unhappy, disappointed, impatient, stressed, or confused? If the answer is “Yes!” you can relax now, because Jennifer's Coaching skills are immediate and have lasting results.
Who will you coach? 
To date Jennifer Daniel has worked with all ages - ranging from as young as 6 years of age to 73 years of age.  She has assisted male and female clients of all social class and status and successfully worked with all of the following:
  • Children/teens (alone w/parental consent)
  • Parents w/their children
  • Young adults
  • Middle aged
  • Retired
  • Couple
  • Professional clients 
  • Businesses

"There is no issue or relationship that is too challenging for me to see immediate transformative results in the lives of the clients who have entrusted me to help them have their ideal of a Perfect Life Now." 

How does a Life Coach help me to achieve happiness immediately? 
Through investigative questioning and simple exercises Jennifer will help you discover what thoughts and beliefs are keeping you from experiencing happiness and complete fulfillment in your life. Her expertise is in immediate shift in thinking and help you to walk out of her office and back into your life with a plan to achieve your dream life.  One of her gifts to you will be teaching you simple skills so that you can truly be happy again in every personal and professional area of your life.
How long will the sessions last and how long will I need a Life Coach?

Coaching sessions normally last at least 90 minutes to two hours. She is very generous with her time because her methods prove that there will be dramatic shifts in your mindset and focus as you leave her office in theat first visit.  

The plan is to resolve your issues once and for all, and in the shortest amount of time. With Jennifer's proven methods - this will happen.  How will you know this? When you too, can confidently say…
"I am living My Perfect Life NOW!" 

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