Jennifer is successful at what she does because her clients achieve results - and let's face it - that is all that matters. Jennifer advocates for children families to have deep, meaningful relationships by focusing on healing past trauma, developing healthier communication skills, overcoming anxiety, depression, and addictions, as well as life changing techniques to empower your thoughts and productivity both personally and professionally. Immediate, life changing, and long last changes are her expertise. 

Commitment - Potential - Immediacy

Jennifer's skills as a Life Coach are to remain unbiased, totally committed to the task at hand, which is to coach the individual, couple, parents, family, or business to live their life to their fullest potential - their most productive, successful, fulfilled, peaceful and happiest state - and to begin taking those steps immediately.

Vision - Proven Methods - Referrals

Jennifer is so confident in her coaching she offers the first 30 minutes free of charge! Many of these 30 minute coaching sessions provide immediate and lastly solutions to her clients struggles. If after 30 minutes you want to go further you are welcome to continue Life Coaching session for an additional 60 minutes and fee. Her success has continued to generate referrals from her successful clients.

Jennifer received her Life Coaching Certifications in 2005 and has coached over 8,000 clients in overcoming life long challenges and mending and transforming relationships through her ground breaking program.  searched for the specific tools and exercises that would ensure my clients results immediately. Years of Coaching has helped Jennifer to help her clients discover the freedom tha tlies within them and provide simple, and highly effective life skills to implement seamlessly and effectively in to their relationships and daily habits. The testimonials from her clients speak of Jennifer's specific methods that work nearly 100% of the time.

Jennifer's Mission Blessings - Awareness - Gratitude

Jennifer's mission culminated after studying in the Bachelors of Science in Marriage and Family Studies at Brigham Young University. Through her education to build strong Life Sills, Professional Skills, and Relationship Skills, she  has learned the greatest institution is the family unit. Strengthening families by empowering each family member to work towards the common goal of living with harmony, joy, hope, and love is achievable with her proven coaching methods.  She has said, "One of the most amazing blessings about her career, is that I am spontaneously and simultaneously experiencing their moment of clarity. You can see it happen - this moment - when the door opens to a new way of experiencing their life. It is in this moment, when their mind, body, heart and soul can see and feel a way of life free of anger, sorrow, apathy, hopelessness, disappointment, irritation and/or confusion. It is a truly an honor to witness and participate with my clients on their  journey to a more fulfilling and gratifying life. I am so very grateful for this "moment" and my clients continued belief and loyalty in what I offer through my passion and love for people. 

I hope to inspire you to embrace my belief that...

"For societies and families to be healthy one must nurture both." ~ Jennifer Daniel  

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