Life Coaching Testimonials 

“I have felt lost since I was 5 years old when my father walked out of our families’ lives. I’ve been searching my whole life and felt hopeless. I kept looking to my wife to fill the void and in turn pushing her away. In one session you taught me how I have been making my own conflict with my fictitious beliefs. You have really simplified things for me. I understand myself and do not feel lost for the first time in my life. I thank you for that.”
Corey B. – Chandler, AZ
“I was at one of the lowest points in my life when a friend had recommended me to Life Coach Jennifer Turley.  And I am here to tell anyone who might be skeptical of a very wonderful spiritual journey of healing and peace I have found since working with Jennifer.
At the time I was going through a painful divorce and separating from someone who I loved deeply.  I had struggled for years as the relationship was not healthy.  I internalized so much of the pain and sadness from it that my immune system responded and  I had lost all my hair as a result. I was very depressed to say the least.  My doctors recommended anti-depressants and therapy.  Deep down I did not want to take medication and feel like a zombie, nor go to months of therapy to evaluate my dysfunctional childhood.  I chose to self medicate my depression with alcohol and isolation.  I was in a very painful, lonely place in my life. My friend had told me that Jennifer's approach to life coaching was different, so I was not sure what to expect. I can not explain exactly what happened at my first meeting, but the connection I made with Jennifer that day was only the beginning. The next two meetings I experienced a complete break through.  Again, I can not explain, and you may think how in such a short time could this occur?  Her methods allowed me to specifically identify the problems in my life, and she spiritually guided me to change what was not working.  By the way, we spent no time evaluating my dysfunctional childhood. The life coaching is a real here and now approach to living. I have experienced a beautiful journey with myself. My immune system is healing and for the first time in years I have a full head of hair!  I have rekindled my love of athletics and currently am pursuing a goal of completing a triathlon.  I am excited about my life, and I can only imagine what else I can accomplish with Jennifer's guidance.  Thank you Jennifer!! I take your smile with me everyday.”                                                                                                                                  
Kari M. - Florence, AZ
“Good morning Jennifer, I just want to thank you for meeting with me yesterday. I told you before I left that I was at an 8, but I am definitely at a 10! I feel absolutely amazing. I am so excited to start my new life and new adventures. I honestly have never been happier. You really are an angel. I will never forget how you changed my life. I am living my perfect life now and I thank you.”
Brandie D. – Mesa, AZ
“I feel so good about my life right now.  I love the techniques you taught me to deal with issues that come up.  I can’t say thank you enough, I feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulder and I can start living the life I want to live now.  Thanks again!”                                                                         Kacee O. – Gilbert, AZ 
"I just wanted to thank you for yesterday; I finally feel for the first time in years that I know where I'm going!”
Patty – Queen Creek, AZ
“Thank you again for this morning. I always feel so cleansed and that I can breathe easier after my sessions with you. I am going to come regularly - every 3 months or so - just to keep myself focused. Thank you.”
Sherri L. – Chandler, AZ
“I want to thank you immensely for waking me up & seeing life in another light. I look forward to using the techniques in the future situations.  What a difference! I have been practicing some of these techniques with my family during stressful situations and noticed how they did not react negatively as they have in the past. This was amazing! I am looking forward to future meetings with you to learn more ways to find peace and happiness in my entire life. Thank you so much!”
Ann B. – Chandler, AZ  

“I've been meaning to write you to thank you for our last session. You went above and beyond the call of duty and spent a TON of time with me. I came there feeling hopeless about our financial situation, and now I feel great!”
Maria H. – Gilbert, AZ
Nov 2007 “I was not sure if a Life Coach was what I needed; however I am so thankful I made the call to see you.  I came to you in hopes that you would "fix" my husband because I was PERFECT and did not need anything.  I could not have been more wrong.  As I was doubtful for at least the first 30 min I thought to myself, "Now open up and really listen to this woman" and so I did.  What has impacted me is "ME".  The words you use such as “script, harmony, peace and love” are with me now every minute.  I left our session with a peaceful feeling knowing that everything in my life was going to be ok.  I must tell you that my relationship with my husband Joe completely shifted (another one of your words) and that evening, I for once had harmony again and he felt it, my kids felt it and I was happy. You told me if something is so important to me then I need to make it happen and I did.  I planned a wonderful get a way for our anniversary!  It was PERFECT!  I have such a great guy who loves me more than anything and I needed to fall in love again but to do that I need to love myself.  I get teary just thinking about how far I have come.  "Fairy dust" that is what I tell everyone!  Joe and I are strong and we are happy. My family is the most important thing to me and I am very thankful for the life I have and that I did not lose that.  I reflect daily on the things I have learned and remind myself to love "ME".  I just wanted you to know that you truly have a gift and I don't know where I would be if I had not made the call to you.  Everything happens for a reason and my script was to join boot camp and meet Jennifer and live happily ever after!!  A million hugs and thank you's!"
Jan 2008 "I referred my niece to you.  I told her that the tools that you gave me to improve my life she can use in any area of her life - for the rest of her life.  - I do truly believe that you can help her begin living her "perfect" life too!"
May 2008 "I have been telling my sister to come and see you for a while now.  I even told her that I would drive her to you, because I know that you can help!  She is really going through a lot right now.  She will be in touch with you soon."
Linda T. – Gilbert, AZ
Nov 2007 “I came to see Jennifer because I wanted to resolve feelings of abandonment after my mother walked out on our family 22 years ago. She and I had only spoken once in all of this time. I knew that I wanted to heal the hurt and pain from this because it was currently affecting my life with my own children and husband. I realized after one session with Jennifer that I needed to call her instead of waiting for this imaginary day when she would call me.  In offering her forgiveness by speaking to her I was able to better understand why she did what she did and have empathy for her. I feel a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. I truly can move on and accept her for who she is. This personal accomplishment has made me so proud of myself and I like myself so much more as a compassionate person.  Remarkably, as the months have passed, our relationship is blossoming into a healthy and fulfilling mother/daughter relationship. This single event has changed my life forever!” 
May 2008 “You won't believe this, but my mother is flying me out to Hawaii for a vacation with her!"
Abby B.  – Chandler, AZ
“Jennifer Thanks again for the wonderful and uplifting experience during our session yesterday - I woke up this morning feeling a MUCH different person!  Wow, what a difference!  I used to walk with my head down.  I wasn't even aware that I was doing this until I wasn't doing it after our session.  I cannot believe that something that has bothered me for 15 years, and has brought me so much anger and sadness, could be over once and for all!  Now my relationship with this person makes me laugh.  I am so happy!  I truly want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! I am passing your name out all over to my friends - so be expecting some calls!!!  As I said yesterday, you are truly my angel and I thank you soooo much!!!” 
Janice D. – Queen Creek, AZ
“I originally contacted Jennifer for my wife who was depressed - hoping that she could help her.  After a brief discussion with me over the telephone, Jennifer learned that there was more to my wife’s depression, and that I too was sad.  The “issue” was that my wife had had an extra-marital affair.  Jennifer encouraged me to join my wife for the coaching session.  After one session I learned that I am the one that needs to let it go and not dwell on it anymore.  I was very unhappy when I was doing this.  I was skeptical that something so simple could work, but I put what Jennifer told me to do to the test…and it did work.  Once I released my sadness and disappointment over this issue I was reminded that I like me for who I am again.  This has been a life altering change for me.” 
Peter M. – Gilbert, AZ 
“I hadn’t seen a friend of mine for about 6 months and when we did connect I couldn’t help but notice that her attitude had totally changed! She was always sad and filled with anxiety. I asked her what had happened, what made her change and she told me about her Life Coaching session with you. The change was so obvious I knew that I had to give you a call right away!”
David A. – Glendale, AZ
“I came to you feeling really awful and wanting to get help for my addiction to smoking. Little did I know – the reason I was smoking had a lot to do with the fact that I had so much anger towards my husband.  I needed an attitude change and I am pleased to say that after one session with you I have accomplished this – smoke free!  I am so empowered after this session with you.  My husband and I have reached a new level in our relationship and it’s never been better for us.  All of the anger, mistrust, and blame is gone now that I have decided to be responsible for me and stop blaming someone else.  I stepped outside of my fear.  Jennifer, you have helped me more than you can know – I cannot thank you enough!” 
Kelli A. – Gilbert, AZ
May 2007 "Jennifer, thank you so much for the coaching session. I really did get a lot out of it and the President of my company would like to set-up an appointment with you next week. Our session the other day was so enlightening. Later that night I sat down with my husband and had a great discussion with him. He really understood what I was saying and backed me 100%. What a relief for me not to worry about this issue anymore.  You have a gift.  Thank you again and I look forward to our next appointment." 
May 2008 “My husband and I were really struggling with our 13 year sons’ outbursts of frustration and anger. After his private session with you and then our family session there was a noticeable improvement in his attitude and moods. He actually stopped himself mid sentence the other day and repeated something you had given him to consider in a stressful situation. Even my husband, who was a bit skeptical that you could change our circumstances, said 'Wow, Jennifer really does know what she's doing, doesn't she.’”
Cindy W. – Gilbert, AZ
"I have fought the depression demon for most of my life. I've been to social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists all of which provided some relief at the time, but I never really learned any long-term, concrete, effective techniques that would help me in the real world. I've had three coaching sessions with Jennifer so far and have yet to walk away without a huge "AH-HA" moment. I have learned more about myself and my thought patterns in three sessions than I have in a life time of therapy. I leave our sessions feeling so refreshed, cleansed, energized and ready to take on anything that life throws at me.  Please know that you have helped me more than these few sentences can say!"
Jessica M. - Gilbert, AZ
“I am a 73 year old woman who has battled with depression and anger for most of my life. After only 3 sessions with Jennifer I am amazed that in such a short amount of time I am happy and much more relaxed about life. I no longer find myself worrying about the issues in my life that tormented me daily. I find myself accepting things that are reality, but I do it gracefully and non-judgmentally. I like seeing myself this way. Jennifer has helped me to smile and laugh more – this is priceless.” 
Sandy B. – Tempe, AZ
“Before I came to see you I had blinders up regarding my opinion about money and success. I am astounded that after meeting with you only one time I am completely refocused. I am living my life in the now and I am successful right now. My relationship with my girlfriend is not stressed and we are happier staying more focused on the things we need to do right now rather than in the future. Meeting with you has had a great and positive impact on my life. Thank you.” 
Nick T. – Tempe, AZ
“My friend of 30 years came to see you, and I am amazed at how different she is! She suffered with depression her whole life and was always angry – now she is happy and more of the friend that I love. I cannot wait to come see you to learn what you did for my dear friend and to work on the things that have been troubling me in my own life.”
Vicki B. – Phoenix, AZ
“After one session with you I realize that I have been very unhappy in my own life because of the fact that I have been caught up in other people’s business – not my own. The people I love the most – my wife, my kids were suffering the most. I really see things more clearly. Thanks, Jennifer!”
Victor H. – Gilbert, AZ
“I noticed an immediate difference in my relationship with my wife after our first session together. In the past I would have handled disputes with her in a hostile and combative way, now I am calm and more accepting. Sometimes she looks at me with such disbelief because she is so used to the old guy who acted annoyed and depressed. I thank you and I am sure that my wife thanks you as well!”
Ned S. – Gilbert, AZ
“I have been putting our session to use - I notice that the more I come to my husband with love and acceptance - the more he gives that back to me.   I am blessed to have this man in my life - that God gave me a gift when our paths crossed - and now we are husband and wife.  I want to hold on to that, absorb it into the core of my being - so that I don't get frustrated and take the easy way out.  Easy way out being not to work on my relationship and not to be mature enough to know people change as they get older - and to give it my very best shot.  I really did look at my husband in a whole new light after meeting with you. So - I am definitely going to come back to see you.” 
L.D. – Gilbert, AZ
"I was in a really, really, really bad space. Feeling nearly every bad, yucky, horrible negative emotion a human can experience.  That's when I called Life Coach, Jennifer. Her amazing coaching style combines a wonderfully "safe" space, filled with non-judgment and complete neutrality with a comfortable candor. Thanks to her, I now feel peace in my heart where fear & hopelessness had been. AND, she didn't stop until I'd found that peace. Now, as I work through my marital conflict, I can now do it with a restored feeling of peace and hope."
Gina T. - Carefree, AZ
“Since our coaching session when people in my life act a certain way that has always bothered me - I am more accepting.  For instance my sister is a drama queen. Everything in her life is a major event.  Sometimes I would want to scream when she tells me a story.  She hesitates for drama - it drives me crazy - I just want to say "Get to the point!!!"  I would always make our phone conversations short - because she drove me crazy.  But lately - I realize I am truly blessed to have a sister who loves me and wants to share all these things in her life with me.  I have made a conscious effort to stay on the phone longer and listen to her stories - and I am really enjoying her again.  She is my younger sister who lives in NY - we are actually very close and I miss her a lot. I really took away that the people in our lives are blessings and we should love and appreciate them.”                                 
Lauraine D. – Gilbert, AZ
"Before my visit with Jennifer I wasn't sure weather I wanted to kill my husband (against the law!) or divorce him (been there, done that, didn't want to go there again!).  After our session and up to the present I am enjoying life again!  He is still in my world, but I am able to enjoy and love him again thanks to a new way of thinking and living!  Thanks again, Jennifer!"
Diane S. - Mesa, AZ
"A short time ago, I went to see Jennifer about my relationship with my sister. My relationship with my sister has been estranged for a few years and I was very hurt and became bitter towards her. Jennifer helped me to put the issues I was dealing with into perspective. Jennifer helped me to develop a new way of thinking about our relationship. I have been able to forgive my sister and willing to work toward a better relationship with her."
Joyce S. - Gilbert, AZ   
“Since our Coaching sessions my relationship with my husband is more harmonious, some improvements are happening by themselves. The funny thing is that a lot of the things that bothered me were the small things in life anyway – and I have realized why spend time worrying about them? I think it has a lot to do with the sessions that we had. I think I'm a lot more likely to accept what is, not out of weakness, but because my focus is changing. I was watching American Idol and a girl was talking about a car accident she was in recently and how it made her realize how quickly life can change. I can imagine how in that instance none of the annoyances in life would matter or if someone was lost to me, how I'd regret holding onto things like that. Thank you - you are truly helping people.”
Mary F. – Gilbert, AZ

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